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Birthdate:Nov 4
Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America
I am:
• a single mom to two wonderful daughters
• biracial
• adopted
• reunited with my birth mother
• oldest of two sisters that i met 9 years ago
• youngest of two brothers that I grew up with
• smart, smart mouthed, and a smart-ass
• sarcastic
• a cynical romantic
• a scorpio
• a good friend
• sentimental
• corny

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45s, 60s r&b, a confederacy of dunces, a girl called sweetandlow, absolute beginners, adoption rights, adult swim, afrobeat, almodovar, alternative energy, amoeba records, andy warhol, art, artichokes, bass guitar, bbq's, beastie boys, bill withers, biracial issues, bjork, black history, bob marley, buddha, buju banton, charles and ray eames, children, circle of life, creativity, curtis mayfield, dancehall, dancing, david bowie, david sedaris, del taco, design, dim sum, dogs, donny hathaway, dorothy allison, dub, eichler homes, elvis costello, england, erotica, extra action marching band, fashion, feminism, finley quaye, fred perry, freddie mercury, gabriel byrne, geek love, georgie fame, glam rock, graphic design, griffin & sabine, gruyere, haitian art, henry miller, hepcat, hiking, honda dream motorcycles, honesty, horace andy, hubert selby jr., in-n-out, intelligence, jesus christ superstar, john coltrane, julien temple, ken boothe, kissing, klaus nomi, lambrettas, listening, listening to music, lola falana the chihuahua, los angeles, love, lovers rock, marvin gaye, michael franti, mike leigh, mose allison, motown, my daughter charlee, my daughter syd, nasher!, new orleans, no war, northern soul, nyc, os mutantes, parliament cigarettes, paul weller, peter sellers, piedpiper, pillocks, punk, reggae, road trips, rocksteady, romance, roots reggae, sam shepard, san francisco, sarcasm, satta masagana, schloovy, scooters, sidney poitier, single mothers, ska, soul, spearhead, squid and chuck, stan brakhage, stax, steel pulse, style council, sushi, taffy sheep shaggers, tattoos, the beatles, the chords, the clash, the heptones, the jam, the l word, the lambrettas, the office, the paragons, the persuasions, the specials, thelonius monster, tom jones, transraciality, traveling, vespas, vintage furniture, walsall uk, william burroughs, wine, x, zap mama, zen,
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